A Pivotal Moment in My Life

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I started seeing Maureen back in 2009 based off of several recommendations. My goal at the time was to cure my acid reflux issues. What I received in return was the beginning of a pivotal moment in my life. I thought I knew a lot about food and proper nutrition but I quickly realized that I was wrong. Maureen helped me understand the value of whole foods and she taught me how to listen to my body. I struggled with acid reflux for over 6 years, and after one consultation, it was gone within that week. After experiencing how food can heal, I was addicted. I saw her once a month and we worked on different issues. Each time, after doing the work, my ailments were healed.

Beautiful, Healthy, and Happy Baby Girl

Then in 2011, I had a miscarriage. I felt like I was hitting a wall. I called Maureen and made an appointment. I had been on Thyroid medicine for several years after a complete Thyroidectomy back in 2006. Unlike my physician, Maureen looked at my complete body function from the inside out. She found out that my thyroid medicine was not working and it was a miracle that I even got pregnant in the first place. She also gave me a hair analysis test to take and found that my body was holding on to massive amounts of Aluminum, Copper and Mercury. This too, was affecting my fertility issue, along with some anxiety and depression that I was holding on to. Together, she walked me through the steps to healing. Once again, I was able to see how proper supplementation and nutrition will heal your body if you are willing to do the work.

Today, I have never felt better. I have a beautiful,  healthy and happy baby girl. My reflux, memory, anxiety and depression issues are gone. I am able to live a more complete and fulfilling life and I owe it all to the guidance I received from Maureen. I cannot stress enough that you have to be willing to do the work and you have to want the change. I look forward to continuing my work with Maureen through the years!

– Sara Quetta

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