I believe in Integrative Health care. I fall back to my early training as a nurse that medicine is not bad however it is incomplete: nutrition is never part of the model. We exclude emotion and spirituality. Medicine does not seek to restore. Integrative healing is complete care for the entire body, not just symptom relief.

Helping people overcome the hopelessness that occurs when given a chronic or life threatening disease is especially important. I look for and treat the root cause of illness which frequently is lifestyle, medication side effects, heavy metal toxicity or lack of nutrition. Chronic illness can also be caused from a lifetime of antibiotic use. Nutritional support is the beginning protocol for all conditions, with gut healing a top priority.


I have had the pleasure of working as a nurse for 38 years, the past 20 as a NP. LNPWHC has been an active part of the community for 11 years; it started as a vision in graduate school to create an Integrative Family Practice. The profession of nursing was born with the holistic roots of Florence Nightingale, a mystic and healer who believed the body healed, not medicine. She provided patients with food, water, sanitary conditions and care.       Many years of advanced nutritional training help me provide comprehensive evaluation and corrective recommendation including supplements and gut modification. Intervention brings healing with increased vitality and joy. The best part of all the hard work and following my dream goes beyond owning a successful practice. Having someone say “I had no idea that I could feel this well” is the greatest reward. Our lives depend on feeling well and vitalized. Your body is your home, your holy temple. If cleaned, cared for and well maintained it will sustain you for a long healthy life.


Maureen Christilles, MS APRN

Maureen Christilles, MS APRN

Maureen Christilles MS, APRN, combines holistic nursing and integrative medicine with an internship in Naturopathic medicine, Reiki II and 20 years of study in the art and science of healing. Maureen draws from a long and varied nursing career, having expertise in critical care, hemodialysis and family practice. She finds the common ground in those practice settings has been the development of the therapeutic relationship. Fostering wellness despite illness is her goal. She enjoys biking, skiing and all forms of physical fitness, gourmet cooking and reading.