Maureen Christilles has helped me change my body chemistry and access more energy and vitality than I have felt in years! The combination of suggesting the best top-quality supplements targeted for my body and educating me as to how they work is so powerful. I feel supported and empowered in my journey toward optimal health.Rebekah
Maureen has been an integral part of my healing journey for about seven years. She has guided me, prodded me when I needed it and allowed me the room to grow as she shared her vast knowledge and experience with me. She is compassionate, understanding and patient, as she knows how difficult it can be for her clients to adopt some of the lifestyle changes that are prescribed. I value her as an important partner in my personal quest for balance and lack of dis-ease in my body, mind and spirit. I am different person today because of her support.Catherine Turgeon
I started seeing Maureen Christilles several years ago. I had numerous chronic health issues and did not want to depend on traditional pharmacology with the numerous side effects and lack of positive results. I wanted a more natural way to achieve and maintain good health. I chose Whole Health Consultants because I knew Maureen from several years prior in a different setting. My sister had actually started seeing her as well and recommended her to me.

The treatment plan has been very effective in treating asthma/allergies, “gut” issues, fatigue, pain and infections. Traditional antibiotics always caused side effects, not now with natural antibiotic relief. I feel like a new person. I have also done some heavy metal detoxification with good results. Whole Health Consultant practitioners rely on whole food supplements, kinesiology, natural detoxification methods, meditation, healing codes and “tapping” which I used effectively for pain issues.

She also practices preventive health. She helps me boost my immune system during allergy and flu seasons so that I have escaped the flu and seasonal allergy problems are almost non-existent.

I recently had rotator cuff surgery. I did not like taking narcotics because they made me nauseous and “loopy”. Maureen found a combination of natural remedies that improved my pain symptoms so that I could perform my physical therapy and I am slowly improving on a daily basis.

Working with Maureen, I found that she truly listens to my concerns/issues. I never feel rushed. She treats and respects me as a person. She takes the time to help me determine the root cause and then prescribes the appropriate natural remedies. I am able to contact the office whenever I have a concern. I am able to get in to see Maureen on an emergent basis as needed.

My husband had noticed such a significant improvement in my overall well-being that he started seeing Maureen as well. He is also feeling better and healthier.

I would highly recommend Whole Health Consultants to anyone who is looking for a natural way to become and remain healthy.Monique Savage

I started seeing Maureen back in 2009 based off of several recommendations. My goal at the time was to cure my acid reflux issues. What I received in return was the beginning of a pivotal moment in my life. I thought I knew a lot about food and proper nutrition but I quickly realized that I was wrong. Maureen helped me understand the value of whole foods and she taught me how to listen to my body. I struggled with acid reflux for over 6 years, and after one consultation, it was gone within that week. After experiencing how food can heal, I was addicted. I saw her once a month and we worked on different issues. Each time, after doing the work, my ailments were healed.

Then in 2011, I had a miscarriage. I felt like I was hitting a wall. I called Maureen and made an appointment. I had been on Thyroid medicine for several years after a complete Thyroidectomy back in 2006. Unlike my physician, Maureen looked at my complete body function from the inside out. She found out that my thyroid medicine was not working and it was a miracle that I even got pregnant in the first place. She also gave me a hair analysis test to take and found that my body was holding on to massive amounts of Aluminum, Copper and Mercury. This too, was affecting my fertility issue, along with some anxiety and depression that I was holding on to. Together, she walked me through the steps to healing. Once again, I was able to see how proper supplementation and nutrition will heal your body if you are willing to do the work.

Today, I have never felt better. I have a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl. My reflux, memory, anxiety and depression issues are gone. I am able to live a more complete and fulfilling life and I owe it all to the guidance I received from Maureen. I cannot stress enough that you have to be willing to do the work and you have to want the change. I look forward to continuing my work with Maureen through the years!Sara Quetta