A Natural Way to Become and Remain Healthy

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I started seeing Maureen Christilles several years ago.  I had numerous chronic health issues and did not want to depend on traditional pharmacology with the numerous side effects and lack of positive results.  I wanted a more natural way to achieve and maintain good health.  I chose Whole Health Consultants because I knew Maureen from several years prior in a different setting.  My sister had actually started seeing her as well and recommended her to me.

The treatment plan has been very effective in treating asthma/allergies, “gut” issues, fatigue, pain and infections.  Traditional antibiotics always caused side effects, not now with natural antibiotic relief.  I feel like a new person.  I have also done some heavy metal detoxification with good results.  Whole Health Consultant practitioners rely on whole food supplements, kinesiology, natural detoxification methods, meditation, healing codes and “tapping” which I used effectively for pain issues.

She also practices preventive health.  She helps me boost my immune system during allergy and flu seasons so that I have escaped the flu and seasonal allergy problems are almost non-existent.

I recently had rotator cuff surgery.  I did not like taking narcotics because they made me nauseous and “loopy”.  Maureen found a combination of natural remedies that improved my pain symptoms so that I could perform my physical therapy and I am slowly improving on a daily basis.

Working with Maureen, I found that she truly listens to my concerns/issues.  I never feel rushed.  She treats and respects me as a person.  She takes the time to help me determine the root cause and then prescribes the appropriate natural remedies.  I am able to contact the office whenever I have a concern.  I am able to get in to see Maureen on an emergent basis as needed.

My husband had noticed such a significant improvement in my overall well-being that he started seeing Maureen as well.  He is also feeling better and healthier.

I would highly recommend Whole Health Consultants to anyone who is looking for a natural way to become and remain healthy.

– Monique Savage

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