Lots of New and Wonderful Things Happening at LNPWHC

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What began as a vision in graduate school over 20 years ago is now a reality. It has grown and changed in the past 11 years and I will continue its unfolding as the sole owner. I will be introducing our new website wholehealthconsultants.com, complete with this blog, new product lines for the dispensary, new classes and services.

My mission is whole health living, which will serve the community, the practice, and all of us who want a healthier life! I consider LNPWHC to be a grass roots community health center inclusive of all healing modalities. The healing relationship between Nurse Practitioner and patient is a sacred journey both walk together. All of us deserve to be happy and to have a profession that aligns with our ideals. If you want to truly care for your body, Medical Freedom to choose how you do that is very important. Health care workers and patients are truly abused within a dysfunctional system that does not help anyone heal. A therapeutic relationship fosters respect and trust, in other words a safe place to heal. Healing only occurs when we relax!

I see 6-8 patients per day and really focus on their issues in longer comprehensive visits, including education. How did this happen? Being truly patient centered is really ideal medical care. It leaves me feeling happy and inspired to help patients take back their power to heal. My angel mission is to offer myself fully to my patients and give them my complete attention in a relaxed atmosphere! I call this a transformative visit, true health care.

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